Simply Lizzie – The Creative Hub 

Here at Simply Lizzie we have a number of Subsidiary companies but the one thing they all have in common is Creativity. Lizzie, the founder and owner of Simply Lizzie, lives and breaths creative and performing arts.

“My mission is to inspire and teach  as many people as I can using the powers of creativity, whether that be through dance, singing, acting or craft. Simply Lizzie was set up to inject creativity wherever we may be. We offer our sessions to a wide range of settings including Mainstream and Special Needs.

Teaching through music, movement and art is often under rated but we are here to prove just how powerful it can be and how much of a positive and inspirational effect it can have on every individual.”

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Simply Performers

Simply Performers is no ordinary Dance School, we offer fun, professional and affordable classes from 0-3 years all the way up to Adults. No exams, just lots of exciting performance opportunities.

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Simply Crafts

Simply Lizzie loves to create so much she decided to share her passion and set up a weekly kids craft club.


Simply Support

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Simply Parties

Our dance parties are an excellent idea for youngsters. Captivating entertainment at children’s parties can transform the experience for little ones and parents alike.


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